Doctor Who – Blink

Recently I’ve been writing Java classes to manage NeuroSky’s native packet format for an Android deployment. The packet format is more unusual than those of other sensors I’ve programmed for (e.g. Nexus, Biosemi, Affectiva, BioHarness). The packet format has clearly been designed to be future proof with its use of a variable length payload and infinite descriptors. Continue reading “Doctor Who – Blink”

Life in Antibes – Vallauris fête Picasso

Last weekend we went to the Picasso festival over in Vallauris. The festival is known for its elaborate fire installations, and while I don’t readily associate Picasso with being an arsonist I’m glad someone does because they were rather impressive.
Below are some photos I took of the event: –

Festival centre-piece. The arms move vertically.
Festival centre-piece. The arms move vertically.

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Visualising Group Physiology

Ever since working on Body Blogger, a project I developed involving the year long data collection and live streaming of my own heartbeat rate, I’ve had an interest in the visualisation of physiological data.  Over the years I’ve experimented with an assortment of different methods of visualising physiological data and one of the most fun experiences I’ve had is in the visualisation of group activity: from visualising the experience of a couple of people visiting the theater to a group of people walking about the streets of Liverpool.
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