Heart on Duet

Last night the new Humble Bundle Mobile was released. I’ve been hooked on a frustratingly fun puzzler called Duet. The goal is to safely manoeuvre the red and blue ball around a series of obstacles. Seems simple enough but the balls are attached to opposite ends of the same disc which you can only rotate left or right. The premise is simple, dodging everything that comes your way not so much.

During lunch I whipped up a quick recording studio with my heart monitor to see what was going on. Below is the test recording I made. Enjoy!

As the video shows I hate spinning bricks; and my poorly coordinated thumbs. Them most of all.

Life in Antibes – Vallauris fête Picasso

Last weekend we went to the Picasso festival over in Vallauris. The festival is known for its elaborate fire installations, and while I don’t readily associate Picasso with being an arsonist I’m glad someone does because they were rather impressive.

Below are some photos I took of the event: –

Festival centre-piece. The arms move vertically.
Festival centre-piece. The arms move vertically.

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