Screen mirroring GearVR from a Samsung S6 onto a PC

UPDATE (01/19):  Unfortunately this software no longer works without rooting your Android device. I have not currently tried this.

Earlier this year I bought a GearVR for dev work. While I’ve not had much time to work with the device I have spent some time playing around with the apps. The app offerings on the Oculus store, up until recently, have been somewhat lack luster but there is one place the GearVR shines and that’s as a party piece for when friends are over.

Everyone loves to try the device out but unfortunately the viewing experience is limited to one person per device. Subsequently I’ve been reading tutorials on how to mirror the Android screen on a secondary display in order to make the VR experience more inclusive.

Screen mirroring is naively supported by Android and works well with games and video but when it comes to Oculus apps the frame rate on the secondary display drops far below one frame per second making it unwatchable According to the forums I’ve read there seems to be an issue with the phone I’m using, a Samsung S6, with mirroring Oculus apps though I’m not quite sure what the exact problem is.
So given native screen mirroring is not an option I’ve been testing different solutions to see if I could get one that would work. Below is test footage of one particular solution that does work quite well for the S6. it uses MirrorOp for Samsung and Windows to mirror my GearVR screen on my laptop. I recorded the VR experience using FFSplit which I also used to capture my webcam feed to show the virtual and physical experience of the rather superb VR game Drift. Hopefully this setup will help you and your friends share in each others VR experiences.


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