Welcome to the personal website of Kiel Gilleade.


I am a computer scientist with a research background in Physiological Computing: computer systems that use brain and body signals as an input control. I’ve worked in R&D on a range of brain and body controlled systems including computer games, artworks and Quantified Self applications. I’ve previously worked as a consultant on biofeedback technologies supporting mobile health companies. I also co-founded a mobile health startup to develop preventative healthcare products for diabetic foot ulcers.

Currently I am working as a Senior Research Engineer at Indoor Climate Research & Training at the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission.


Physiological Computing, Biofeedback, Sensors, Novel Interactive Experiences, Adaptive Technologies, Data Visualisation, Shared Physiological Experiences, Combining Art & Technology, Quantified Self, Mobile Health


If you would like to get in touch I can be contacted via e-mail at gilleade (at) gmail (.com) or the contact form below: –