Visiting Berlin and the m-Health community

This week I’m in Berlin visiting Bayer’s Grants 4 Apps health accelerator and checking out the mobile health start-ups in the area. Interesting to see that camera based pulse oximetry is proving very popular in this space.
Been spending some time with Cortrium, a wearable bio-sensor company I came across at Quantified Self Europe back in March, having fun checking out their tech and learning more about the business side of medical sensing. Very exciting stuff!

Testing out Cortrium's wearable bio-sensor
Testing out Cortrium’s wearable bio-sensor

Oggcamp, GSR and Horror Games

I’m off to Oggcamp tomorrow to demo a mobile GSR sensor. The device was originally commissioned by FACT (and built by Madlab) for an art exhibit I was involved in earlier in the year, however owing to time constraints we replaced the sensor for an off-the-shelf heart rate monitor. As the technical consultant involved in this venture the sensor has a couple of features I like in all my devices, such as being Bluetooth (easy to connect to) and a step counter (to manage data loss). I’m surprised how how many wireless sensors don’t provide a means to manage data loss, they just seem to assume their operating as a wired device which is the wrong assumption to make as research depending on time-locked signals becomes impossible. Continue reading “Oggcamp, GSR and Horror Games”

Media Blowout

Trying to find free time to write something is always somewhat of an uphill challenge. In the meantime here a few links about my recent meanderings, enjoy!

  • Interview in ACM XRDS Crossroads on EEG setups.
  • Podcast by LJMU OpenLabs on Physiological Computing (for the transcript click here).
  • Video presentation of my Quantified Self Europe talk – Lessons from a year of heart rate data.
  • Photo series from BodyLab a business innovation event ran in-conjunction with LJMU Openlabs.