Oggcamp, GSR and Horror Games

I’m off to Oggcamp tomorrow to demo a mobile GSR sensor. The device was originally commissioned by FACT (and built by Madlab) for an art exhibit I was involved in earlier in the year, however owing to time constraints we replaced the sensor for an off-the-shelf heart rate monitor. As the technical consultant involved in this venture the sensor has a couple of features I like in all my devices, such as being Bluetooth (easy to connect to) and a step counter (to manage data loss). I’m surprised how how many wireless sensors don’t provide a means to manage data loss, they just seem to assume their operating as a wired device which is the wrong assumption to make as research depending on time-locked signals becomes impossible.
I’ve only recently finished a preliminary analysis of the prototype, comparing it against a Nexus 10 Mk 2 and an Affectiva Q-sensor which it performed admirably against; once the prototype has undergone a few revisions the sensor’s design and software is to be released for the community to play with and expand.
Tomorrow we’ll be demoing the sensor using a mini-horror game I whipped up based on Dark Escape 4D which I recently encountered at the arcade. This is both to put the sensor through its paces (and get feedback on the sensor design and potential directions we could take it), but also to have some fun terrifying people and collecting their physiological responses!

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