Video – QSEU14 Ignite Talk

The Rhythmanalysis project was developed by Alistair Eilbeck (Amaze), Richard Koeck (Liverpool University), Roger McKinley (FACT) and Veronica Ranner  (Royal College of Arts). Researcher Kiel Gilleade supported the project with body data collection and extraction via Liverpool John Moores University, achieved with kind sponsoring of CamNtech’s Actiheart and PRO-Diary watch.
Illustrations and physical Rhythmanalysis installation designs: Veronica Ranner (Royal College of Art). Actual Rhyhmanalysis installation and physical computing: Veronica Ranner (Royal College of Art) and Katja Knecht (Queen Mary University). This research project has been funded by the AHRC’s The Creative Exchange Hub at the Royal College of Art.

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