More fun with physiological data at the funfair

Before I went to Southport’s Pleasureland I went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach (see earlier post). Unfortunately the sensor I was using was dislodged and the feature I was interested in, namely heart rate, was lost. While Blackpool ended up becoming a trial run for the next deployment I did manage to capture some fun breathing and g-force data.

Here’s the Blackpool Pleasure Beach webpage, from the snapshot below can you guess which ride I was on? I’ve placed a red arrow when the ride starts.  Everything recorded before that arrow is me sat down waiting for the ride to begin.

Acqknowledge Screenshot of Mystery Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ride
Acqknowledge Screenshot of Mystery Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ride

Here’s a quick few tips on understanding the data. Its recorded using a BioHarness ISM chest-strap which records ECG, RESP, TEMP and acceleration. The data window you see covers 80 seconds and shows 3 data channels: breathing contractions and expansions (top), body skin temperature (middle) and peak acceleration (bottom). The device records a maximum of 3 g’s. The sensor was maxed out at the peak.


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