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Understanding MyndPlay’s Zone measure

I’ve been trying out MyndPlay, a video-based neurofeedback training platform which embeds neurofeedback exercises into interactive movies. Think Dragon’s Lair but your using your mind instead of a joystick. Of all the NeuroSky apps I’ve tried its my favorite so far, owing a lot to it feeling like an actual product rather than a tech demo. The user interface is slick and provides all the necessary information one would expect from such a product e.g. a live EEG signal.
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Playing Lin Chung Combat

Lin Chung Combat -  Main Menu
Lin Chung Combat – Main Menu

Lin Chung Combat is a Flash based BCI game developed by Moonscoop*. Lin Chung Combat is a rhythm game, similar in style to Dance Dance Revolution, which incorporates a neurofeedback game mechanic. Players are tasked with pressing certain arrow keys when they scroll over the horizontal black bar at the top of the game interface. Points are awarded when the player presses keys at the correct time and energy is lost when they don’t. The neurofeedback element takes the form of a special ability called Mighty Ray.  Mighty Ray is a game character who hides in the scenery; when triggered he turns the player invincible for a short duration while adding a score multiplier to correct key presses.

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Manipulating NeuroSky attention and meditation metrics

After leaving Liverpool and moving to Antibes I’ve been keeping myself occupied, while I search for what to do next, by catching up on the latest biofeedback applications and trying them out. This week I’ve been going through the app’s on the NeuroSky store.
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Playing Neuronauts

Neuronauts Screenshot - Main Menu
Neuronauts Screenshot – Main Menu

 I recently played Neuronauts, a mobile BCI game on Android developed by  Personal Neuro.   Neuronauts is a spaceship based racing mini-game which uses a combination of motion and BCI input for controls, the later of which is provided by a NeuroSky headset.
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