Supporting Bluetooth Devices in Unity

I recently started learning how to develop games in Unity.  After going through a couple of tutorials to familiarise myself with the tool I started work on integrating the Bluetooth sensors I have into my Unity projects. As Unity supports a C# based scripting language I thought it would be a relatively straightforward task to migrate my existing C# code from my Visual Studio projects. As probably to be expected migrating the code wasn’t as easy as I’d thought it be.
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Visiting Berlin and the m-Health community

This week I’m in Berlin visiting Bayer’s Grants 4 Apps health accelerator and checking out the mobile health start-ups in the area. Interesting to see that camera based pulse oximetry is proving very popular in this space.

Been spending some time with Cortrium, a wearable bio-sensor company I came across at Quantified Self Europe back in March, having fun checking out their tech and learning more about the business side of medical sensing. Very exciting stuff!

Testing out Cortrium's wearable bio-sensor
Testing out Cortrium’s wearable bio-sensor

Without Instruction: First Impressions of “Zombies, Run!”

I recently gave the augmented reality (AR) running game Zombies, Run! for Android a try. I’ve been meaning to give this game a go for a while, being a keen runner, a gamified experience involving zombies sounded right up my street. The game can be loosely described as an interactive radio play whereby you progress through the story by completing  a series of running challenges.

Sadly my initial foray into this game was  marred by poor instructions, an overloaded user interface and out of place in-game audio and its only now through sheer perseverance I’m starting to get to grips with the game. For those of you, like me, interested in mobile augmented experiences I’ve provided a few of my thoughts on playing the game below.

The First Boot

The first time you boot the game your presented with the following interface.

Opening screenshot for Zombies, Run
Opening screenshot for Zombies, Run!

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No complaints by design, the ultimate customer survey!

Our local train station has recently undergone a refurbishment and in order to solicit the public’s opinion about the new changes the train company, SNCF, has installed an automated customer service machine.

SNCF Automated Customer Survey Machine
SNCF Automated Customer Survey Machine

Sounds like a good idea in principle, a computerised system, if designed correctly, should make data collection and its processing on the whole much easier.
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Waves of the Æsir – AltCtrl 2014 Game Submission

Recently I participated in the alternative  controller game jam AltCtrl 2014. My entry is called Waves of the Æsir, a one player 2D action game, themed around Norse mythology. You play as 1 of 3 Norse gods and are tasked with guiding your Viking followers home across the stormy seas.

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Doctor Who – Blink

Recently I’ve been writing Java classes to manage NeuroSky’s native packet format for an Android deployment. The packet format is more unusual than those of other sensors I’ve programmed for (e.g. Nexus, Biosemi, Affectiva, BioHarness). The packet format has clearly been designed to be future proof with its use of a variable length payload and infinite descriptors. Continue reading Doctor Who – Blink

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