Without Instruction: First Impressions of "Zombies, Run!"

I recently gave the augmented reality (AR) running game Zombies, Run! for Android a try. I’ve been meaning to give this game a go for a while, being a keen runner, a gamified experience involving zombies sounded right up my street. The game can be loosely described as an interactive radio play whereby you progress through the story by completing  a series of running challenges.
Sadly my initial foray into this game was  marred by poor instructions, an overloaded user interface and out of place in-game audio and its only now through sheer perseverance I’m starting to get to grips with the game. For those of you, like me, interested in mobile augmented experiences I’ve provided a few of my thoughts on playing the game below.

The First Boot

The first time you boot the game your presented with the following interface.

Opening screenshot for Zombies, Run
Opening screenshot for Zombies, Run!

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Heart on Duet

Last night the new Humble Bundle Mobile was released. I’ve been hooked on a frustratingly fun puzzler called Duet. The goal is to safely manoeuvre the red and blue ball around a series of obstacles. Seems simple enough but the balls are attached to opposite ends of the same disc which you can only rotate left or right. The premise is simple, dodging everything that comes your way not so much.
During lunch I whipped up a quick recording studio with my heart monitor to see what was going on. Below is the test recording I made. Enjoy!

As the video shows I hate spinning bricks; and my poorly coordinated thumbs. Them most of all.

Playing Lin Chung Combat

Lin Chung Combat - Main Menu
Lin Chung Combat – Main Menu

Lin Chung Combat is a Flash based BCI game developed by Moonscoop*. Lin Chung Combat is a rhythm game, similar in style to Dance Dance Revolution, which incorporates a neurofeedback game mechanic. Players are tasked with pressing certain arrow keys when they scroll over the horizontal black bar at the top of the game interface. Points are awarded when the player presses keys at the correct time and energy is lost when they don’t. The neurofeedback element takes the form of a special ability called Mighty Ray.  Mighty Ray is a game character who hides in the scenery; when triggered he turns the player invincible for a short duration while adding a score multiplier to correct key presses.
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The Theater 2013 – Play through with a heartbeat rate monitor

The Theater 2013 is an interactive horror experience based on a horror short story.  If you’ve not played the game yet I recommend you  download it and try it out. The game doesn’t require installation and only takes 5 minutes to play; then join me after the jump and check out my play through with a heart monitor.
Spoilers ahead!
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